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Sending Your Content & Images

Sending Content

Based on your navigation name your Word Document files accordingly.

Home = home.doc
About Us = about-us.doc
Contact Us = contact-us.doc

Note: If your content is short, then feel free to put it all in one word document. Make sure to call the page the same as you have written in the navigation structure.

Sending Images

Based on your navigation name your images accordingly.

Home = home1.jpg, home2.gif
About Us = about-us1.jpg, about-us2.jpg, about-us3.jpg ,about-us4.jpg
Contact Us = contact-us1.gif, contact-us2.gif, contact-us3.gif, contact-us4.jpg

No Page Preference = image1.jpg, image2.gif, image3.jpg

Note: If you have specifics for image placements, please specify in your the word documents.

Use contact-us2.jpg at the top of the contact page.
Use contact-us3.jpg to the right of our New York Office address information.


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