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Sending Website Changes

Please use the following format:

Website URL: (your website page to be changed)
Description Of Change: (ex. Update Copy, Update Image, Update Content)

Example Of Website Change:

Website URL:
Description Of Change:
1) Update Copy:
MyWebstite was founded in 1982 by John Smith. We strive to treat our customers well. Our offices are all over the United States. Etc......

2) Update Image
Replace the office building picture with the attached image about-us3.jpg or please take it off the website
Website URL:
Description Of Change:
1) Add Product "Desk" underneath "Table"
    Product Description: Wood Desk - $25
2) Replace the chair picture with attached picture newchair.jpg

Important Note: Whether if it is a typo being fixed, an added or removed sentence(s), grammatical mistakes, please send us the entire paragraph updated.

It is extremely quick for us to replace paragraphs rather than search for the grammatical mistakes within a sentence. Don't bother even highlighting the mistake.....just send the entire updated paragraph. Since it will save us time with your updates, this will also save you money.


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