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Sending Us Your Website Navigation Structure

Our goal is to understand how many unique pages need to be created.

Please also mention any additional features that would be needed.

Note: If you need help putting this together please call us.

Example: Navigation

  1. Home
    • Flash Slideshow - 3-5 images rotated with messages
  2. About Us
    • Company Bio
    • List of Employees with Pictures
  3. Services
    • List of 5 services
      • Service 1
      • Service 2
      • Service 3
      • Service 4
      • Service 5
  4. Products
    • List of 10-15 Products for purchase
    • Shopping Cart Needed
    • Payment Processor: Paypal
  5. Photos - Displays thumbnails of photos that can be clicked onto expand.
  6. Testimonials
  7. Articles
    • Lists all the article's date and title. Can click date and title to view complete article.
  8. Contact Us
    1. Image or our location on Google Maps.
    2. Contact Form
    • Fields to capture: Name, Phone, Address, Apt./Suite, City, State, Zipcode, Comments/Questions.
    • Emails the content to my personal email address.
  9. Privacy Policy
  10. Terms & Conditions
On All Pages:

  1. Google Analytics Tracking Software
  2. Rotates 4-6 Testimonials at the bottom of every page
  3. Signup Newsletter Form - Fields to capture: Email Adresses
Administrative Section:

  1. Products: Add, Edit, Delete
  2. Articles: Add, Edit, Delete
  3. Newsletter Signup: Lists all email addresses captured
  4. Photo Page: Add, Edit, Delete Photos


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