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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Overview
Affiliate marketing is when a merchant pays a commission to an affiliate publisher for generating a transaction (a lead or sale). With a tracking code provided by the merchant, the affiliate promotes the merchant's products through a number of advertising channels (websites, email, and search engines). Whenever a visitor's use of these links leads to a transaction on the merchant's site, this connection is tracked. Each time this leads to the purchase of a product or service by the customer, the affiliate is paid a commission. Merchants may use their own software to track affiliate generated sales or work through a third party affiliate network (such as LinkShare, CJ, Share-A-Sale). The most important advantage to working through a 3rd party affiliate network is your easy access you to thousands of affiliates who can initiate a sale.

Affiliate Marketing is a Cost Effective Strategy
Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing online strategies because it is cost effective. Unlike other forms of advertising, you only pay commissions for single sales or leads, allowing small businesses to compete in the internet forum. Vivid Concept will start and manage your merchant account, provide a large variety of creatives to suit each publisher's needs, and distribute advertisements through the most appropriate affiliate network.

Management of your Affiliate Program
Vivid Concept will continually develop your Affiliate Program by expanding your affiliate networks. Additionally, we will collaborate with your existing affiliates to maximize their selling potential by developing incentive programs, improving website promotion communication, and optimizing the affiliate's advertising strategies.

It is imperative to monitor your affiliates advertising methods. While an affiliate may generate sales, protecting your brand and preventing sabotage of your other marketing channels is essential. For example, if an affiliate advertises themselves on search engines as your company instead of their own, the visitor will click on an affiliate site instead of reaching your company directly, resulting in a fraudulent commission.

Affiliate Networks

We work closely with the following affiliate networks:

Commission Junction Affiliate Program LA Commission Junction
Commission Junction, founded in 1998 and acquired by ValueClick in 2003, is one of the largest affiliate marketing channels on the Internet. Their advertisers and online merchants are relatively bigger and better-developed companies. Generally, this means that these affiliates promote products and services of better quality. Their services are also useful to smaller businesses. With the increased marketing opportunities provided by a well-established affiliate marketing program, smaller startup businesses gain higher growth potential at a better price.
Linkshare Affiliate Program Los Angeles LinkShare
Since its founding, LinkShare has partnered with only the most well-known brands in the world such as Apple, Dell, and Wal-Mart. As a member of LinkShare's affiliate network, you can promote your products through these household names. This increases the credibility of your website simply by offering products from these well-known merchants. Linkshare's reliability, excellent reputation, history of good customer service, and accurate tracking system offer large advertising advantages to your company.
Google Affiliate Network
Google is a trusted name when it comes to online business. Google offers affiliate opportunities for larger, well-known brands as well as less developed companies. Each affiliate provides a selection of banners or text links to their site, customized to individual needs. For loyal customers, Google offers the Affiliate VIP status which provides special access to promotions and program deals.
Share-A-Sale Los Angeles ShareASale
Share A Sale is another excellent program for Affiliate Marketing. After setting up an account, customers select the trusted merchants they want to work with. Unlike other affiliate programs that issue multiple monthly payments based on the individual merchants' payment methods, Share A Sale's payment method is a monthly check. They also have a customer support team that is helpful and highly responsive.

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