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Web Design and Development Overview

From its original conception to its last details, Vivid Concept will design a custom website for your business. See how our custom flash applications catch customer attention and bring your website to life. Watch how our banner advertisements navigate clientele to your site. Or try out our Emails and E-card creations that keep your business in the customer's mind and bring new visitors to your website as well. Vivid Concept will guide you through the entire process of web marketing, utilizing all the tools at our disposable to most efficiently develop your online business.

Custom Websites  |  Flash Applications  |  Banner Advertisements  |  Emails and E-Cards

Internet Marketing Overview

As use of the internet expands, website owners continually seek new ways to grab the attention of web surfers. With the myriad of strategies, products and companies to choose from, it's difficult to determine the most effective ways to promote your website within your budget. Vivid Concept takes pride in keeping our customer's best interest in mind, providing the most effective solutions to fit your business objectives for the price you can afford. By perfoming the market research on your industry and then applying our years of web marketing experience, we'll create a cohesive plan tailored to your needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our marketing strategy experts about your website goals.

Website Conversion Consulting  |  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management  |  Search Engine Optmization (SEO)  
Affiliate Marketing  |  Email Marketing  |  Social Media Marketing

Website Services Overview

Even if your website is already up and running, it still probably needs management, updating, and improved technology as web and computer software and content increase exponentially. Vivid Concept strives to be your ally and partner in your business campaign. Without solid website maintenance, management and email hosting, your business can incur downtime leading to a loss of sales. Our Website Maintenance Service Plan assures that your website server is routinely and quickly updated and protected from hacker attempts.

Let Vivid Concept take care of your website maintenance and hosting needs so you can concentrate on running your business.

Website Maintenance  |  Managed Website & Email Hosting  |  Domain Name Registration

Software Development Overview

Software provides endless options for businesses, but pairing the right target environment with the right technology can be challenging. Developing software within your time constraints and budget limits requires technical expertise and advanced project management techniques. At Vivid Concept, we believe in building custom applications that enable our clients to better communicate with customers and efficiently manage their businesses. Our team will evaluate your business needs, design the framework, processes, and methods to increase your productivity and reduce costs, prioritizing your goals every step of the way. Our services are based on the best business practices and models, proven methodologies, and our industry and technology experience.

Phone Applications  |  Software Consulting

Branding / Corporate Identity Overview

People say "Don't judge a book by its cover" because the average consumer does exactly that. The better your branding, the higher your success. Vivid Concept creates professional printed graphic design pieces including corporate identities (business cards, letterhead, envelopes), mailers, ads, brochures, posters, logos, and promotional materials. Our top designers will enhance your company's professional image.

Logo Design  |  Writing & Slogans

Print Overview

Vivid Concept's print services are the best choice to move forward with your marketing plan. Our Print Advertisements and Package Designs are unique and eye-catching, drawing attention to your business or product. Or let us create custom business cards, brochures, letterhead & envelopes... the staple of every business needs. We will work with your ideas or help you conceptualize a design that best suits your business needs.

Print Advertisements  |  Business Cards  |  Brochures  |  Package Designs  |  Letterhead & Envelopes

Photography & Video Overview

From capturing the perfect headshot or product photo to digitally touching up the details of the final image, Vivid Concept provides quality photography services. We are available for headshots, fashion, and product photography. Whether we take your photos or you have your own, our retouching services can take your photo from average to outstanding. Let Vivid Concept take care of your photography needs and see the benefits of our professionalism and high quality standards.

Photo Retouching  |  Headshots  |  Product & Onsite Photography  |  Company Video Tours

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