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Website Conversion Consulting

Gone are the days when the success of your site depended on the number of hits it received.

Today, you need to know who is coming to your website, what users are driving profit, which products and services are most profitable and what return on investment the overall online strategy provides. As your marketing consultant, Vivid Concept provides you information about how users are utilizing your website - which web pages are accessed most by your visitors, the products they purchase, the conversion rate from browser to active customer and how users actually interact with your company's online presence.

Vivid Concept provides business intelligence that can assist in strategic and tactical decision-making, resulting ultimately in a competitively driven, more successful website for your business.

Our robust analysis of your website statistics/marketing campaigns will provide information and insights that improve your ability to effectively anticipate your specific of website traffic and manage your business. Get to know your customer base, understand their habits, and then use that information to make important, informed online business decisions to drive your organization ahead.

Below are some reports we offer:

Customer Retention Management Report
Once you've put in the time, money and effort to capture new customers, you have to make sure you keep them. You want to make sure they stay loyal to your company – and turn to you for additional products and services that are meaningful to them. Vivid Concept can help you discover what makes your existing customers tick and then target them effectively: Upsell and cross-sell your product strategies, loyalty/reward programs, improved profile segmentation & custom tailored messaging/promotions.

Website Conversion Report
Vivid Concept provides you with the key to opening the door to improved conversion rates. This report will include an analysis on your current navigation, improvements to site messaging, and new web features. Learn about innovative methods to maximize the effectiveness and profit of your online marketing efforts based on emerging and existing web-related technologies, trends, etc.

Email Marketing Report
Receive a full analysis on your email marketing campaigns. With years of experience, we make sure your email templates follow the "email best practices." Our strategies and guidelines are geared to help you improve your open rates (subject lines), click-thru-rates (design/copy) and conversion rates (landing pages). We will design and execute email marketing tests (objectives, scenarios and analysis) and then translate the results into actionable strategies to increase your bottom line.

Competitor Analysis Report
A list of websites your competitor advertises their site on. The top search keywords your competitor is optimizing on their website. Vivid Concept will also provide you with site improvements based on your competitors web interface.

Search Engine Marketing Report
Vivid Concept takes a thorough analysis of your Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click programs. This involves analyzing your keyword selections to bidding strategies. With proper ads or landing pages, we can successfully improve your conversion rates and return on investment.

Affiliate Marketing Reports
Vivid Concept can optimize every aspect of your Affiliate Program. With years of experience utilizing LinkShare or Commission Junction, we know best how to optimize your Affiliate Program. Let us help you improve affiliate incentive programs, banner ads and landing pages. We help you identify and implement strategic and tactical acquisition partnerships to increase sales & brand awareness.

Business Blog Consulting:
To improve credibility and search engine rankings and increase business' exposure. Vivid concept can aid in integrating a blog on your website. A blog can act as a powerful marketing tool for your business. Vivid Concept's experienced Web Consultants will help develop the tone, design and content of your business blog to maximize its success.

Website Design Consulting
E-commerce website: Vivid Concept understands that a poorly designed e-commerce website can be detrimental to a business' success. Through effective analysis, e-commerce website design and conversion rate consulting services, Vivid Concept can improve your customers' experience and increase your web sales.

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